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Hello! I am a student at Idaho University. I decided to create this site after finding that my classmate challenges with creative thinking while writing essays. Most so shy away from the established canon, which ultimately get F. I hope that my site will help you to think freely and creatively. God luck in your essay writing!!!

Ideas for Writing Personal Essays

personal writing ideas

Personal essays are written from the writer’s own examples and life experiences. Compared to formal essays, they do not require much research as the writer is merely sharing his personal experiences. The writer doesn’t have to search for personal essay ideas as he has already undergone those experiences and is providing a firsthand account to his audience.

One of the best ideas for a personal essay is to replay the experience once in your mind before you put pen to paper. This will not only give you more matter to write about but also give a fresh perspective to the essay. Not all personal essays are based on personal experiences. Few demand a personal opinion and may not be based on actual real life experiences. In such cases it is wise to provide an unbiased opinion and not get swayed away by others viewpoints.

There are many avenues which can provide ideas for personal writing. You can do some research on the internet or you may check with a personal tutor. The important point here is sharing your opinions without caring if the reader would like it or not. To do this you need to be focused on the topic at hand and not divert from it. One can also get influenced by the personal experiences of others. Good ideas for writing a personal essay also mean learning from the experiences of others.

Starting of the essay is crucial as it sets the tone of what will follow. The beginning should include a brief about why there is a need for the personal essay and what prompted the writer to write it in the first place. The next paragraph should elaborate on the topic. Here the writer should introduce the audience to the topic. In the first and second part of the essay, the writer can share his personal experiences. In the subsequent sections the writer can analyze the topic and provide his viewpoint regarding the incidence or issue.

One of the best personal essay ideas is to involve write on a current topic. Public memory is short and essay writers should bear this fact in mind else the audience might not find the content relevant. Current topics are fresh in people’s minds and they can easily relate to them. Also the writer can have more material to write on if the topic is of current interest. Sometimes vital details are missed while writing about old topics or issues. Topics for personal essays could include the current political, financial and social issues about which the writer feels strongly.

Finally to conclude the essay, the writer can pose few questions to the audience so that the audience is forced to think. These essays are stimulating not only for the writer but also for the reader of the essay. The ending should include questions which would help the audience appreciate the writers intent behind the essay and at the same time should be able to think independently. This is the biggest reward of a personal essay. If the writer manages to achieve this then the objective of the personal essay is met as it not only provides a creative way to the writer to express his feelings but it is also meant for the reader of the essay to learn from these experiences and use them in real life situations.